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Stadol Addiction

Butorphanol tartrate is the drug that is usually sold under the brand name of Stadol; it is a drug that is abused by lots of people in the US even though the abuse has legal implications.

The health implications are also serious as this drug is an opiate which creates physical and psychological dependence on Stadol when used for a long period of time; it also has high levels of addiction.

In instances of prolonged usage, the body develops a tolerance towards the drug and the previous dosage will cease to be effective which means that the dose will have to be increased in order to achieve the same effect.

Stadol can be administered to the body in a variety of ways including, intravenous injections, intramuscular injections and nasal sprays. People who are abusing the drug tend to prefer the nasal spray.


However, some people who are legitimately prescribed Stadol also unwittingly abuse it, either by continuing to use the drug after the medical condition that it was originally prescribed for has been cured or by increasing the amount of the drug that they take. This automatically constitutes drug abuse whether or not the person doing it is aware of it.

Statistics reveal that people who abuse prescription drugs are also likely to abuse other illegal drugs. This is usually because combining drugs will increase the effects and provides an even bigger ‘high’.

People who abuse Stadol mix the drug with sleeping medication, other opiates, alcohol, antihistamines, tranquilizers and sedatives. However, this is an extremely dangerous practice as it can cause very serious side effects to the central nervous system. The most common side effect is depression as the brain cannot function as it should without Stadol.

Furthermore, a psychological dependency is formed when the abuser becomes used to the euphoric feeling that the drug produces and over longer periods of time, this will lead to powerful cravings. It is vital that you seek medical intervention 800-303-2482 as soon as you realise that you have become addicted to Stadol.

This is because the withdrawal symptoms of this drug can be very severe especially when the abuse has taken place over a prolonged period or the dosage was very high. There are many opiate abuse rehab centers and clinics which specialize in the treatment of patients suffering from Stadol addiction.

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Stadol Addiction 800-303-2482

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