What Is Stadol?

What Is Stadol?

Stadol is a recently discontinued brand name for the drug Butorphanol, it is an opiate that belongs to the synthetic analgesics group. The drug is widely available over the counter and it has generic formulations which are known as Novex, Ben Venue, Apotex and Mylan.

Stadol is an opiate that is prescribed for the treatment of moderate and severe pain; it is more effective when it comes to moderating pain in women than in men and this is why it is the preferred choice for pain control in labour.

However, Stadol has many side effects and often affects the normal functionality of the central nervous system; this is why most patients who take this drug normally end up feeling confused, nauseous, sedated, and even dizzy.

What Is Stadol?

Vets also use Stadol to sedate cats and dogs and for this purpose, it is normally combined with other drugs, such as tranquillizers that belong to the alpha 2 agonists or benzodiazepines for its full effect to be utilized. The drug is also used to treat persistent cough conditions in dogs and cats as well.

Other uses include pain management in horses, with the horse usually being injected with Stadol, their side effects can include sedation, excitement (displayed by either head tossing or pressing) constipation, seizures (in case of overdosing), muscle twitching, falling over and increased salivation. The severity of the side effects from Stadol depends on the dosage that has been administered.

Even though Stadol has many medical uses, it is also a drug that is being abused by a lot of people as well. This abuse is blamed on the drug being available over the counter, while studies have also shown that the drug has a high addiction potential.

Addiction to Stadol is created by the physical and psychological dependence on it as well as the tolerance which develops when it has been used for a long period of time. In such instances the previous dosage will cease to be effective and the dose will have to be increased in order to achieve the same effect.

An addiction to Stadol will gradually develop at some point the user will need to take the drug for their central nervous system to function correctly.

Statistics reveal that most of the people who abuse Stadol usually ingest it in conjunction with other drugs such as tranquilizers, alcohol, sleeping pills or other opiates.

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